Vision and Mission
Our Vision
To be Asia’s most trusted and reliable payment network
Our Mission
To be the trusted National Payment Network that facilitates high quality electronic financial services at affordable prices in a secure, reliable and convenient manner to all Sri Lankans
Core Values of LCPL

Responsibility and Accountability
We act responsibly and take accountability for our actions as we know that our decisions and actions affect our stakeholders. We know that the confidence will be built based on our verbal and written commitments, which we reliably meet.

Respect Others as Who They Are
It is not by a designation, race, and creed that people are valued and respected by all of us at LCPL. We respect, value and honor them as who they are and what they do.

Be a Catalyst for Change
Change is in our lifeblood and no matter what happens our passion for change and the hunger for finding better ways of doing things will never stop. We continue to search and provide the latest technology based solutions to our customers while justifying our drive to become a valued Payment Infrastructure Facilitator.

Everything we do at LCPL is aimed at making people passionate about their contribution and to become leaders in their own areas of expertise.

Integrity and Trust
We at LCPL proclaim that we make promises that we can keep while claiming ownership for what we speak and do as individuals as well as a company.

Availability and Accessibility
We are available for assistance at all times and our services incorporate a high level of information security. The accuracy, trust, and accessibility of our systems are our strength. We cherish our commitment for the Payment Infrastructure Facilitation as the emerging most reliable and trusted entity in the region.

Teamwork & Collaboration
We know that the success of a team is dependent on how well the members of the team care for each other and work as one. It is our forte to bring the members of the team together and lead the process of effective collaboration to bring harmony and success to the working relationships of all levels and to work towards a common objective.