Fostering IT Enhancement in Educational Institutions
LankaClear's believes in Corporate Social Responsibility as a duty cast on business entities especially in developing countries like Sri Lanka.

While LankaClear had done different things at different times over the years, in 2009 we decided to conduct our CSR activities based on our strengths..

Being a Company driven by and heavily dependent on IT and Systems and therefore our strength being in this sector, our thinking was that we should use this strength when engaging in CSR activity.

It was therefore decided that we should provide career guidance to students in A/Level classes who were keen on IT as a career to help them understand the opportunities available, the different streams within the IT sector they could choose from and what higher educational and professional educational paths are available.
The programme was to include interactive discussions enabling the students to seek clarification on any of the facts presented and also follow up session that enabled the very keen to visit our Company to familiarise themselves with how we use IT and Systems in our operations.

The one other criterion LankaClear was keen to follow was that this should be provided to a school from a rural background which was unlikely to have benefited from such a programme from any other organisation.

Thus a school in far away in Nochchiyagama, in the Anuradhapura District was selected and the programme was launched in 2009 but we could not carry the programme to its conclusion as the Principal changed and the consequent waning of interest seen.

However, we were not ready to give up on CSR and instead of allowing this to be a stumbling block we had discussions with the Principal of the Mahabodhi Vidyalaya, closer home in Foster Lane in the Colombo Town Hall area. This school which had been commenced by the great Anagarika Dharmapala in the premises of his ancestral home, provides education to over 700 students from grade 1 to grade 13 (Commerce stream).

From discussions held with a very forward looking Principal it was determined that their need was not a career guidance programme but assistance towards developing and improving their computer laboratory and facilities for computer studies.

Having commenced this assistance programme with the donation of 2 brand new computers the next steps in the programmed include the donation of a much needed printer, colour washing the computer lab and importantly LankaClear's own staff will be providing training to improve the IT knowledge of the academic staff of the school for the long term benefit of the student population.

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