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Lankaclear Rebrands To Create A New Era In The Payments Industry Since its inception in 2002, LankaClear, which is jointly owned by the Central Bank of Sri Lanka and the licensed commercial banks continuously improved its systems and processes keeping abreast with the advancing technology with the ultimate aim of passing the benefits of a more efficient payment system to the general public as well as to its stakeholders.
Over the past decade LankaClear has earned the trust and goodwill of the financial sector due to their strong belief in the need to seek innovation, deliver a superior service and demonstrate responsibility that grew from strength to strength.

LankaClear proudly announces a new brand identity and a streamlined product portfolio. The new brand identity, which will be rolled-out with this media conference, recognizes the growth in LankaClear's services from traditional financial services to transformational payment services. The company has set up a new Marketing Division to respond to changing market conditions. The Marketing Department will be responsible for corporate branding strategy, product development and identifying new and existing domestic market opportunities for LankaClear. They will lead the Strategy & Business Development team to build on LankaClear's world class payments infrastructure and continue to deliver groundbreaking payment system innovations.
LankaClear is uniquely positioned to drive payment system innovations in Sri Lanka. The current market demand and appetite for an evolution in payments makes this an exciting opportunity for LankaClear.

To showcase the energy and enthusiasm within the company to face the challenges of the future and to communicate same to the stakeholders, LankaClear proudly introduces the new Corporate Logo. The new Corporate Logo is novel to many but was inspired by the "Mobus Strip" invented by Ferdinand Morbus (1790 - 1886). It is cited as an infinity symbol and represents eternity, ongoing renewal, seamless linkage and is a metaphor for continuous improvement.
The new, bold, red and blue logo reflects LankaClear's core ethos of strength, reliability and commitment to their stakeholders and the nation. The company's new tagline, "Transact the Future," reflects the essence of the rebranding initiative and the company's vision: to become Asia's most Trusted, Secure and Valued Payment Systems Infrastructure Facilitator by 2015. This reflects LankaClear's ongoing commitment to provide performance that will enhance a new Era in the Sri Lankan Payments Industry.

The Chairperson of LankaClear, Mrs Priyantha Liyanage stated that she believes that the role LankaClear plays in the financial sector of the country would significantly change in the coming years with the technological developments in the payments arena and the global trends.

She further stated that "from our beginnings back in 2002 as the "National Cheque Clearing House" we have steadily progressed to the status of "National Payments Infrastructure Service Provider" and we are proud of the past decade of excellence. With the advancement of technology the demand for more efficient and convenient payment systems are steadily growing. Thus, the scope and the role that we play would significantly increase capturing a wider area of payment channels and products.

We are very much excited about the new role we are required to play and look forward to yet another new era of excellence as an important service provider in the financial sector with a completely new brand image."

The CEO of LankaClear, Mr Sunimal Weerasooriya stated that as per the global trends of the payment systems it is found that credit cards and debit cards are considered as the important payment products and the Internet and ATMs are treated as the most important payment channels. Commenting on the trends in the Asian countries, he stated that though cash and cheque usage is higher than the North American and European Countries, it is expected that the card based products and other electronic payment methods will have a significant growth. He added that the trends in the payment industry would go beyond the card based payments to contactless and mobile payment modes and to have cross border connectivity for greater customer convenience and efficiency of payments. Quoting an example from a country closer to us, Mr. Weerasooriya stated that the national card switch in Malaysia operated by MEPS has spearheaded the East Asian Payment Network which links the national switches of Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, China and Malaysia enabling cross-border connectivity for ATM / Debit Cards. He added that it is envisaged that this would be a reality in the SAARC Region also in the near future. Mr. Weerasooriya explaining LankaClear's plans to face the challenges of the next decade stated "LankaClear would create the backbone infrastructure for all future electronic payments in the country and we believe that a common infrastructure would avoid the duplication of infrastructure and provide the best benefits to the financial institutions and the public through economies of scale".

"The new branding comes during an exciting time for LankaClear who celebrated the 10th Anniversary recently" Brand Manager of LankaClear, Ms. Thesara Jayawardane added with much enthusiasm. "There is no better time to introduce our new logo and branding, than today. Our Logo demonstrates not only where LankaClear stands today; but also where we're heading. Our new branding position tells our existing customers and future customers, that we offer the Asia's best-performing, most versatile and reliable payment infrastructure that is backed by a strong commitment to our products and the end user. We want our nation to know that we're moving forward with both of those commitments at the forefront. We're poised to reliably serve our customers' every need today and in the future - because we will continue to put them first. LankaClear continues to move forward as an even stronger organization. We have a well-respected name behind the company, as a recognized leader in the financial industry. With our new branding, we'll be able to better communicate the full spectrum of what we provide to our customers, what they mean to us, and what we mean to them."

"We believe that with this new corporate brand logo and tag line, we would be able to strongly communicate our presence as the national payment infrastructure provider to our stakeholders. We will continue to offer innovation at the heart of payments services in Sri Lanka and look forward to sharing more news about our work in the latter part of 2012"added Ms. Jayawardane.

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