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Sampath Bank Joins LankaPay Common Electronic Fund Transfer Switch (CEFTS)

In keeping with the commitment of offering utmost convenience and benefits to customers, Sampath Bank joined the LankaPay Common Electronic Fund Transfer Switch (CEFTS) operated by LankaClear Pvt Ltd, which is a secure, instant and automated medium for electronic fund transfers. CEFTS enables customers to experience real-time electronic fund transfers to other bank accounts. This service will be available to customers 24/7 and 365 days of the year with a transaction limit of up to Rs. 5 million per transaction with charges levied regulated by the Central Bank.

Sampath Bank’s alliance with LankaPay will give Sampath Bank’s Online Banking customers namely Sampath Vishwa Retail users and Sampath E-Remittance service users the convenience of carrying out electronic fund transfers from a Sampath Bank account to any other bank account of choice, in real time.

Commenting on this new service, Tharaka Ranwala, Senior Deputy General Manager Sampath Bank PLC said “At Sampath Bank, we have always been driven towards providing our customers with facilities which feature aspects that matter to them most - that being value added services and convenience. Thus, as a customer centric business, we are whole heartedly committed towards moulding these features into technologically advanced services that will bring nothing but enhancement to the daily lives of customers. LankaPay – CEFTS represents a new platform of convenience as it is an automated and secure means of facilitating on-line real time electronic transfer funds”

This flexible and beneficial real time electronic fund transfer platform benefits Sampath Vishwa Retail users as they are able to transfer a sum of Rs. 1 million per day to any third party account of any bank. Furthermore, Sampath E-Remittance users are given the premium benefit of “Instant Remittance” such that through LankaPay - CEFTS, a remittance transfer will instantly credit the beneficiary’s account.

Congratulating the bank on this momentous occasion, Channa de Silva, General Manager/CEO of LankaClear said, “We are privileged to partner with Sampath Bank, who is a pioneer in utilizing latest technology to enable cost effective and convenient banking services to its customers. This commendable effort by a leader in the banking sector in Sri Lanka will not only add value to Sampath Bank customers, but also further expands LankaPay’s footprint in facilitating electronic banking services to all citizens of the nation with utmost convenience. We encourage all the customers of the bank to benefit from the new initiative by utilizing this revolutionary service”.

Sampath Bank has remained a forerunner in innovation in the banking industry, and has continued to launch many technologically advanced products that have strengthened the bank’s portfolio of Online Banking Services which continue to serve as a platform of premium convenience and benefits for customers. As such, this alliance to achieve real-time fund transfers is yet another depiction of Sampath Bank’s commitment to continue to offer its customers with products and services that enhance customer convenience and customer satisfaction.


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