Common Card & Payment Switch (CCAPS) / Overview
A World Beyond Cash
Having identified the importance of a robust, efficient and secure payment infrastructure, that will support our rapidly developing economy, the first phase of CCAPS was launched under the brand name of “LankaPay” in July 2013.

With the approval of the Monetory Board of The Central Bank of Sri Lanka(CBSL) for  CCAPS as the “National Payment Switch”, LankaClear has laid solid foundations in building an integrated electronic payment system of multiple domestic payment networks.

CCAPS will enhance retail electronic payments in Sri Lanka (P2P,B2C,B2B) through seamless connectivity, customer convenience & cost efficiency. Creating synergies of an integrated electronic payment system, it will bring in the benefits of :

  • Facilitating Secure Real-Time Payments
  • Unified System Rules and Procedures
  • Standardized Security
  • Greater Efficiency in Payment Scheme Integration
  • Faster introduction of new Payment Schemes and Systems
  • Greater Inclusion of all Demographics
  • Ubiquity
  • Lower Transaction Costs

All CCAPS participants will now have the benefit of innovating new payment products to best suite their customer needs and the full implementation of CCAPS will be a definite  "Game Changer" that will redefine the electronic payment landscape, empowering and enriching Sri Lanka lives.