Common Card & Payment Switch (CCAPS) / LankaPay Common ATM Switch (CAS)
With the first phase of the Common Card & Payment Switch (CCAPS) launched under the flagship brand of LankaPay, the network has revolutionized ATM based services in Sri Lanka. LankaPay  member bank customers are now able to enjoy island wide, secure ATM access at all ATM’s of the participating banks at the most affordable rates. Previously, consumers may have been reluctant to use their ATM or Debit Card at another bank ATM, due to high costs of cash withdrawals or due to security concerns.
LankaPay Common ATM  Network   went  live with the participation of two local banking giants namely Bank of Ceylon & People’s Bank. Currently the network has 28 Banks and Financial institutions connecting over 4000 ATM’s  which makes LankaPay the Largest Common ATM Network in the country. 

The member banks /Institutes of LankaPay Common ATM Switch
1.     Bank of Ceylon 15.  Public Bank
2.     Standard Chartered Bank 16.  Union Bank 
3.     Commercial Bank of Ceylon 17.  Pan Asia Bank 
4.     Habib Bank Limited 18.  ICICI Bank
5.     Hatton National Bank  19.  DFCC Bank 
6.     HSBC Bank  20.  Amana Bank 
7.     Indian Bank 21.  Axis Bank 
8.     Peoples Bank 22.  Cargills Bank 
9.     State Bank of India 23.  National Savings Bank
10.  Nations Trust Bank 24.  HDFC Bank 
11.  National Development Bank 25.  Regional Development Bank
12.  MCB Bank  26.  Commercial Credit & Finance
13.  Sampath Bank  27.  Bimputh Finance 
14.  Seylan Bank 28.  Sarvodaya Development Finance.