JustPay is one of the breakthrough payment products of LankaPay that allows customers to make retail payments using smart mobile devices by transferring funds from their current or savings account to the merchant’s account directly. With a slab based, extremely low tariff scheme, JustPay provides a convenient, secure and affordable option for retail payments which are primarily made by cash and cards.

Based on a request from the Government and a directive from the Central Bank to support digital transactions in the country, the initial per transaction limit of Rs. 10,000 has been increased to Rs.25,000 with effect from 2nd April 2020.

JustPay is initiative that is aptly supported by the Central Bank and aims to convert over 95% of the retail transactions that currently made via cash into electronic modes.

How can you make payments via JustPay

If you are a customer of any JustPay Issuer Bank, all you need to do is register once with your bank details on any of the JustPay enabled payment apps and select JustPay every time you need to make a payment.

JustPay enabled apps

you can simply register with the following apps with your bank account details and enjoy the convenience of being able to pay via your mobile conveniently and securely.

Make sure that you have registered for sms alert for banking transactions with your bank in order to facilitate your registration with JustPay.

  • DFCC Pay app
  • iPay
  • UPay
  • DirectPay
  • OrelPay
  • FriMi
  • Pay by Genie
  • eZCash
  • mCash
  • Sampath Pay App
  • SOLO
  • Pay&Go

JustPay Issuer Banks

Currently, customers of following banks and financial institutions can now JustPay

  • LOLC Finance PLC
  • Commercial Leasing and Finance PLC
  • Cargills Bank Ltd
  • Sampath Bank PLC
  • Nations Trust Bank
  • Commercial Bank
  • Bank of Ceylon
  • People’s Bank
  • Hatton National Bank PLC
  • Pan Asia Banking Corporation
  • National Savings Bank

Why JustPay?

  • • It is convenient
    • With one time registration, you can simply make your daily retail payments using your Smart mobile phone and go cashless.
    • Make single-click transactions
    • No need to have cash with you or even carry your wallet
  • • It is secure
    • JustPay network is PCI-DSS certified ensuring world-class security
    • Communications via JustPay apps are digitally signed and encrypted using digital certificates to ensure confidentiality
    • All JustPay aps adhere to Central Bank specified Security Standards for mobile applications to ensure highest security
    • All JustPay apps have been approved by the Central Bank
    • Each JustPay app is associated with an institution that is governed and regulated by the Central Bank
    • The system has an inbuilt dispute resolution system to handle any transaction dispute
  • • Its affordable
    • With an extremely low slab based transaction fee structure, you can transact with minimal fees for added convenience and security.

Maximum Customer Charges

Value of the Transaction Maximum Customer Fee
8,000 < Transaction Value ≤ 25,000 Rs. 20.00
6,000 < Transaction Value ≤ 8,000 Rs. 16.00
4,000 < Transaction Value ≤ 6,000 Rs. 12.00
2,000 < Transaction Value ≤ 4,000 Rs. 8.00
1,000 < Transaction Value ≤ 2,000 Rs. 4.00
250 < Transaction Value ≤ 1,000 Rs. 1.00
100 < Transaction Value ≤ 250 Rs. 1.00
50 < Transaction Value ≤ 100 Rs. 1.00
Transaction Value ≤ 50 Rs. 1.00

Note – The above are the maximum customer fees as regulated by the Central Bank, however this may vary based on the mobile application subject to the maximum fees given above.


1. Is JustPay an app or a payment gateway?
No. JustPay is a mode of making retail payments by transferring money directly from your account to the merchant’s account?

2. What do I do if I am to use JustPay?
Simply download any JustPay enabled mobile payment application, register with your bank details one time. Thereafter, every time you want to make a payment simply select JustPay.

3. Will it be safe for me to save my bank account details with a mobile payment application?
All mobile payment applications, banks and financial institutions that are connected to JustPay are regulated by the Central Bank. When you register for JustPay with any mobile payment application, your bank account details are saved with the merchant’s bank/financial institution. There are a number of security measures taken to ensure that your bank details are secure.

4. What are the do’s and don’t of using JustPay?

  • Do not share your phone password with anyone
  • Always have a complex password for your phone
  • Do not share your JustPay password with anyone
  • If you change your mobile phone or your bank account, you will be required to re-register for JustPay
  • Register for sms notification service with your bank, so that you will be notified every time you make a JustPay transaction

5. Do I have to register with every mobile payment application that I use for JustPay?

6. What if I make an error in making a payment via JustPay?
There is an inbuilt despite resolution system for JustPay, same as with debit and credit cards. If you make an error in making a JustpPay payment, please inform your bank in writing of the same.

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